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① イントロダクション

② ボディー1

③ ボディー2

④ 結論









質問のパラフレーズ + 自分の意見を求められているときは自分の意見を入れる or 



例】When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


☞ Recently, many people believe that salary should be the first consideration when choosing their jobs. I completely agree with this idea, feeling that people are mainly motivated by financial compensation. 


対策:"Recently", "In recent years", "These days", "Today" などを活用しましょう。


※ 定型文とは;

"There are some arguments about.." "Recently, many people have been talking about.." という書き出し文を活用することです。

☞ There are some arguments that salary is considered as a key factor in terms of a career choice. 







1. ここでは課題の意見に賛成しているので、同意した理由の1つ目を書きます。

The main reason why I agree with the idea is that money is a key motivator for many people at the workplace. 


2. その理由を次の文で示します。

This is because, low paying jobs, for example, show high turn over rates, which means people are constantly finding a job to meet their needs. In the recent capital market, keeping up with the high standard living requires higher financial investments. Women also have joined the workforce to support their family. 


3. そしてその具体例を示します。

For example, smart phones are the things we need to have because they are socially important items. In the past, however, we didn’t need to buy computers, smartphones, and many more things and services. In our modern busy lifestyle, we are keep buying products and services that are offered for convenience. 


4. 段落の結論に導きます。

 Money can, therefore, an important factor to make a living for many and be a primary reason when choosing a job.






☞ Another reason why I agree with the idea is that money is considered as a symbol of success and many people gauge a level of success with their financial status.   






必ず、"In conclusion", "To conclude" で始めるようにしましょう。新しい情報は決して入れないように。


☞In conclusion, I absolutely believe that the size of salary must be the priority when selecting a job, because money is a necessity to make a living in today’s society and many people are motivated by a higher financial remuneration. 


!注!  IELTS ライティング 5つの問題パターンを把握して書き方を変えていく必要あります。

上記は自分の意見が求められる opinion エッセイタイプですが、その他に、


  1. 自分の意見とディスカッションが問われる discussion/opinion エッセイタイプ
  2. 原因と解決策を問われる cause and solution エッセイタイプ
  3. 自分の意見が問われない discussion エッセイタイプ
  4. 質問が2つある direct questions エッセイタイプ




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