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Discussion / opinion essay の書き方


Discussion / opinion essay ・・・



自分の意見を言う (opinion) エッセイには違いがありませんが、自分の意見とは反対の意見も支える(肩を持つ-discussion)必要があるエッセイタイプですので、そこが opinion essay とは違うところ。


IELTSアカデミックのタスク2で一番頻繁に出るタイプです。試験官が求めているのは、自分の意見でない方も公平に客観的に述べられているかどうかです。ここが discussion essay と似ているところ。


このタイプのエッセイでは、必ず、自分が支持しない意見の方を BODY1に持ってきます。




Having said that,

That being said,             




  Discussion / opinion essay type の例題 1】


Some people believe that studying at university or college is the best route to a successful career, while others believe that it is better to get a job straight after school.


Discuss both these views and give your opinion.


  Discussion / opinion essay type の例題 2】



It is a common aspiration among many young people to run their own business, rather than work for an employer. 


Do you think the advantages of working for yourself outweigh the drawbacks?



Discussion / opinion essay の設問タイプは2つだけ。




イントロ:                      問題文のパラフレーズと自分がどちらの意見にあるかを述べる

ボディー1:     自分が同意しない方の意見を述べる

ボディー2:     自分が同意する方の意見を述べる

 結論:        エッセイのまとめ


TIPS: 自分の意見がボディー1にないことを 示すため (自分の意見はボディー2で述べる)、"Those who believe A might think that..."のように「他の人々は A のように思うかもしれない」と、あくまで予測した意見であることを一貫して示さなくてはなりません。そのため、"can", "may" などの助動詞、または、"some", "many", "often", "sometimes" を使うことが多くなります。



"presents a clear position throughout the response"




It is a common aspiration among many young people to run their own business, rather than work for an employer. 

Do you think the advantages of working for yourself outweigh the drawbacks?  


Some people prefer to run their own business while others like to work for an employer.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion. 




These days, it is a common aim of many people leaving university to try to start up their own company. I agree with this point of view, but it is important to bear in mind that running a company does not suit everybody. 


⇒このように問題文の言い換えと自分の意見(ここでは "running business" に同意)を言います。




It is undeniable that running business is risky. If there is an economic downturn, or you you make mistakes in your business decisions, your company can go bankrupt, which can mean that you lose everything and you have to lay off your staff. some people does not want to take that heavy responsibilities of business decisions and employment. Moreover, it is very hard to switch off at weekends, because the business is always in the back of your mind.


⇒自分が支持しない方の意見("running business" に反対)を先に述べます。




Having said that, there are several benefits of setting up your own business. For me, the main one is that you have room to be creative. Instead of having to follow your employer's decisions, you can set the goals for the business yourself, which means that your feel more in control.This generally results in people feeling happier in their job. In addition, you can also keep the profits if they company i successful. If all goes well, you will earn far more than if you work for someone else. For instance, if you set up your own graphic -design company, and you build a good reputation, you will be able to make substantial profits. you will therefore be more motivated to work hard in order to make a success of your company. 


⇒ボディー2では 自分が同意する方("running business" に同意)の意見を述べます。




In conclusion, although there is no doubt that there are some risks associated with running your own business, I believe that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, however, it should be said that not everyone is a risk-taker and prefer to work for someone else. 


⇒まとめでは、問題文の言い換えに加えて、自分がどちらの意見を支持するのか、その理由を完結に述べます。上記のように "although" を使うととても完結にまとまります。




DISCUSSION / OPINION ESSAY タイプでは、どちらの意見も平等に論じる必要がある(discussion) にもかかわらず、自分の意見がどちらにあるのかはエッセイのどこをとっても(イントロ、ボディー1、ボディー2、結論)一貫し、はっきりとさせる  (opinion ) 必要があります。