IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ 対策 16

IELTSスピーキング 誇張表現





IELTS スピーキングのためだけに限らず、日頃から自分の意見を主張することはとても大事なことです。





I absolutely agree with the idea xxxxxx. 

I'm enjoying it a lot.

I will learn Spanish for sure

I currently work as an office manager

So yes, I definitely have to work with other people.




A: I really like your plan!

B: Yes, it's pretty good … but it needs a little revising.

A: Of course, you did a very good job, but you might need to consider a few more points.

B: Yes, it will probably be more effective if you highlight the staffing requirements and expand on the budget.




always           -“I always get up in the morning and go to the gym.”  

often         - “I am often late to my fitness class.” 

usually          -“She usually wakes up at 8am.”  

sometimes           -“He is sometimes tired after attending meetings.”   

occasionally          -“We occasionally take a walk in the park.”

rarely         - “They rarely eat at that restaurant.”

seldom         - "I seldom go to the library to study." 

never         - "It is never cloudy."



IELTS スピーキング Part 1 の Common Topics





What do you study?   

Why did you choose the subject? 

What do you like about your studies?  



What is your job?

How do you like about your job?

What responsibilities do you have at work.?

Is it a popular job in your country?



Where is your hometown?

What is a historical place in your hometown?

Has your hometown changed much since you were a child?

Is there good transportation in your hometown?