IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策15 パート3の攻略法

IELTS スピーキング パート3対策


IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策15 パート3の攻略法


IELTS スピーキングの Part 3 は試験官とのディスカッション形式で行われます。パート2に関連したトピックについてさらに詳細な説明や自分の意見、提案、解決策、将来のことなどが聞かれます。例を挙げて、なるべく詳細に説明することがスコアアップにつながります。時間は約5分程ですが、その時間はほぼ自分が話していると思ってください。



( "on the other hand", "although", "having said that" などの表現を活用する)、

ライティングのエッセイのように advantages と disadvantages を述べるなど、物事を多角的に見た上での意見を述べると高得点がとれます。



回答の仕方としては試験官の質問をそのまま導入して始めるか、"it depends" を使うことが出来ます。




🐻Can clothes tell you much about a person? 

–🐰 Yes, clothes can tell us a lot about a person.  (回答1)

–🐼 No, clothes cannot tell us anything about a person(回答2)

–🐶③ Yes and No, it depends on the person(回答3)




🐰回答1-Because clothing choice can represent not only one’s favorite colors and designs but also profession and ambition. For example (例を挙げる➾) my friend likes to wear simple, classic outfits. She wants to project professional image, particularly at work. I can say she is self-conscious and confident. So I can guess something about  people from their appearance. (比較➾)However, we cannot tell anything about people who do not care about what to wear at all


🐼回答2― because appearance is just appearance, and as you know, we cannot judge a book by its cover.(例➾) For example in Japan, people wear suits at work. Everyone looks the same and tends to wear the latest fashion with similar designs and colors. In private, people like to wear Jeans, or whatever they feel comfortable. There are fashion trends and many people follow them. So,(締めの言葉を付けると自分の意見が終わったこと試験官に告げることができる➾)it is difficult to find out about people from the choice of their wardrobe. 


🐶回答3―It depends on the person. Some does not care about what to wear, while others are self-conscious in fashion. What if someone buys clothes for you? Many children do not buy their own clothes, and some wives pick up clothes for her husband. In this case, clothes cannot represent their preference at all.(対比➾) On the other hand, some people like to express their ideas by their outfits. For instance, message T-shirts can express what they think, agree or disagree.  Their simple outfits may tell their minimalistic ideas.












※ 試験官の質問が理解できない場合は、必ず聞き返しましょう。聞き返すことが減点につながることはありません。問題の意味が確実に理解できると、的を射た回答ができます。自分で憶測することは絶対に避けましょう。





  • Could you repeat that, please?
  • Could you explain that, please?
  • What do you mean by that?
  • Could (Would) you expand on that? 
  • (Could you) Run that by me again, (please)?
  • I’m sorry, I don’t get that. 
  • I’m’ sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.