IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策14 パート2の攻略法


IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策14 パート2の攻略法





TOPIC カードサンプル


Describe a useful website


You should say:

⋆What it is

⋆How often you visit it


⋆What kind of site it is


⋆What kind of information it offers



and explain why you think it is useful. 






"I would like to talk about a website I found useful." 

"I am going to talk about a website I like to visit." もしくは

"I would like to talk about amazon website (直接言ってしまう) I visit so often." 

 のように、"I ‘d like to talk about..." という定型文を使いましょう。


例えば、"Describe a gift you recently gave to someone." の場合は

"I’d like to talk about a present I bought for my best friend" というように、詳細に言い換えることで同じ言葉を繰り返さなくてよくなります。




1. イントロ

2. 過去の出来事、考えやバックグラウンド情報

3. 詳細

4. 自分の意見

5. まとめと将来の予測






I would like to talk about a website I found useful. (イントロ)The website is It used to be an online book store. (バックグラウンド情報)As we increasingly buy everything online, the company has started selling almost everything on its site.  Now it become a world biggest online retailer(ウェブサイトの詳細). I buy electronics, books and office supplies virtually everything from the site, because I do not have time to go shopping and it ships my orders fairly quickly with free of charge. I also found it very useful because it shows my past orders and suggests possible items I might be interested in and saves my credit card info for easy pay. Online shopping is such a convenient that I sometimes use so much without thinking about my budget. However, I do not buy clothes online, because the size and color are often not as it described or seen on the screen. I try to avoid returning my orders (自分の意見). Overall, the website is vey popular now and it provides us freedom of shopping, I mean, we can buy a variety of items from home appliance to cosmetics at one stop online.  I believe in the future, similar online shopping companies will compete with Amazon and we will have a greater variety of items and deals.  (将来の予想)



  1. Intro (イントロ)
  2. Past (バックグランド情報や過去の詳細)
  3. Description (トピックスの詳細)
  4. Opinion (自分の意見)
  5. Future (まとめ+将来の予測)