IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策 パート1の攻略法




IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策 パート1の攻略法


IELTSスピーキングのパート1は、general questions と言われ、試験官に自分を知ってもらうための自己紹介をするパートだと思ってください。最も多い話題としては "hometown「故郷」" や家族、友達についてと言えますが、その他、料理、仕事、勉強、旅行、趣味、スポーツや交通機関、近所の人について、また天気なども聞かれますので、この項目についての質問パターンを網羅すると良いでしょう。



1. "Do you like travelling /cooking /music/reading books/ watching TV?" など、


IELTS スピーキング解答例1



I like travelling, because I want to see many places I have never been. I love meeting new people and experience new things firsthand. It is very exciting with full of surprises. 

    ↑ このぐらいの長さの答えでちょうどいいと思います。


IELTS スピーキング解答例2



I like cooking, because I think cooking makes me relaxed and I can make whatever I want to eat. Home cooking is also a very healthy choice instead of eating out at restaurant.  

IELTS スピーキング解答例3



I don't particularly like music. I don't have time to listen, actually. I am busy working and  It have been like that, so I don't  know anything about music, to be honest. 

IELTS スピーキング解答例4



I like watching TV.  I am a couch potato actually. I flip through channels and watch many kinds of programs and spend all day watching TV. No problem. 

2. "What is your favorite place to travel? / What is your favorite food?" など、


IELTS スピーキング解答例5



I love to travel beach destinations such as Hawaii. I love those places because I can truly relax and I do not need to think about my work at all.


IELTS スピーキング解答例6



I love any Japanese dishes. Particularly Tempura, it is a dish of assorted deep-fried vegetables and fish. I brought up eating Japanese food, so it is comfort food for me.

3. "Do you prefer cooking at home or eating out? / Do you prefer listening to music or listening to radio?" など、あなたの嗜好が聞かれます。

IELTS スピーキング解答例7



I prefer cooking at home. Because it is heathy and I can arrange the dishes only for myself. When I eat out, I find the dishes are usually salty and oily. When I want to order healthy food, it is usually very expensive.

IELTS スピーキング解答例8



In fact, I like listening to both music and radio. It depends on what I feel like at that time. Let’s say, I feel like listening to radio when I want to hear some conversation, or get some news or the latest hits.


4. "Have you ever travel to unpopular spots? / Do you ever listen to classical music?" など、今までの経験が聞かれます。

IELTS スピーキング解答例9



No, I have not(時制に注意)Actually, I do not want to go places where few people are out there. I feel safe when I travel popular tourist spots. I like people around, so I feel secured. I do not need any adventure or surprises during my vacation.

IELTS スピーキング解答例10



I listen to classical music now and then. Change is a good thing. I do not get bored listening to the same kind of music all the time.


5. "How often (when) do you travel (cook, listen to music) ?" のように、


IELTS スピーキング解答例11



I cook quite often almost everyday because I do not go out to eat so often. Eating at a restaurant is very expensive and I try to be a healthy eater to stay fit. 


IELTS スピーキング解答例12



I listen to music while I am driving to and from work. So, I listen to music for 2 hours at least. I love blasting music in my car and try to make the stressful commuting comfortable with my favorite music.


6. "Who does the cooking? / Who do you usually travel with?" など、


IELTS スピーキング解答例13



My husband and I take turns in cooking, when he gets home early, he can cook for us and vice versa. But when I volunteer cooking when I really want to eat Japanese food. 


IELTS スピーキング解答例14



I often travel with my parents. They love travelling as well. They came to Toronto, too and we went to Niagara Falls, Montreal and also went to Cancun, Mexico. That place was amazing.


7. "Where did you learn to cook / Where do you buy music CD? / Where do you buy grocery?" など、どこでその行為をするかが聞かれます。

IELTS スピーキング解答例15



I self-learnt how to cook. I go online to get authentic recipes.  You can find anything online and we do not have to buy a cooking book anymore. 


IELTS スピーキング解答例16



I buy many CD online from Amazon. They have a good selection of music and even books, too. They can ship for free when we spend a certain amount. 


8. "How long have you been cooking? / When did you start listening to music / When did you travel for the first time?" など、


IELTS スピーキング解答例17



I have been cooking since I started living alone,  that was 22. So, I have been cooking for more than 10 years. Well, I have a good repertoire because of that.


IELTS スピーキング解答例18



As far as I can remember, I started listening music at around 18 years old. I know the singer as well. I loved xxxx so much at that time. Well I still love his music, though. 


9. "What kind of dishes do you usually cook? / What kind of music do you usually listen to?" のように、ある事柄のジャンルや種類が聞かれます。


IELTS スピーキング解答例19



I like to cook healthy meals as much as possible. I cook stir-fried vegetables, salad, and grilled fish, for example. I take advantage of fresh ingredients and am careful about seasoning not to ruin the freshness. 



IELTS スピーキング解答例20



I like listening to music , particularly rock music.  The reasons I like rock music are a beat, a rhythm, a personality and character, not found in any other genre. I feel alive!!

このように パート1では、5W1H―「いつ "When"」、「どこで "Where"」、「だれが "Who"」、「なにを "What"」、「なぜ "Why"」、「どのように "How"」の質問の他、"How long",  "Have you ever", "Do you like", "Do you prefer", "Do you ever" などの質問パターンに慣れておく必要があります。また、かなり口語的な表現でも大丈夫。堅苦しい文語的な表現は不自然ですので、"though" をつけたり、"well," を文頭に持って来たりと、パート1では友達と普通の会話をするような感覚で話しましょう。