Our Vision

Let's Learn & Grow with Us


Metropolitan Academy of English (MAE) offers English learners of all levels IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC exam preparation and personalized ESL courses including but not limited to grammar, business conversation and academic essay writing.


Our mission is to help students achieve their personal and professional goals faster and more efficiently with lessons that cater to a students’ individual needs in private and semi-private environments through qualified teachers with affordable pricing. 


Our teaching staff consists of well-educated bilingual and native teachers who have extensive teaching experience in IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC exams and understand the diversity of English needs.  


MAE has a successful teaching model involving both bilingual and native teachers.  Bilingual teachers can well explain linguistic rules and systems and through their own learning experience can anticipate and or identify with a students’ challenges or obstacles which serves as a successful learning model. 

At MAE we place a high priority on counseling whereby we can identify the needs of an individual.  MAE will tailor a customized plan and assign the best teacher or teachers depending upon a students’ level of English. Our teachers strive for the best teaching practices and collaborate with one another to help students every step of the way.


Let's Learn and Grow with MAE.


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