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Hi! Everyone,  


I travelled to England to further educate myself and get my Master’s degree, for this degree I needed to study IELTS and TOEFL to satisfy the admission criteria. It was not easy, in fact it was difficult to achieve the target score of 8 and no less than 7.5 in each section. I worked really hard and it was a struggle to keep up with this level of education’s heavy work load. I committed myself to study for years and take advantage of the opportunity given to me. I was hungry for knowledge and curious about linguistic studies.


Knowledge is power indeed and education can help you achieve your career and personal goals.  I started working as a IELTS tutor and I always wanted to have and run my own school to teach what I know in a more direct and efficient manner. well, here I am. Our mission is to work together to achieve a students’ academic needs. Never give up!!  Learning English can be very challenging for students, but I promise you that through MAE tutoring, one day you will see communicating in English is not that difficult after all.



University of Leeds - MA

specialized in applied Translation and linguistic studies

University of Oxford - continuing education-"Macro economics", "Micro economics" and "Politics" completed with maximum CATS points


"Happiness is the achievement of ones goals, you have my commitment that I will dedicate myself to your success"


Humber College - Management diploma

Seneca College - Human resource Mngt postgraduate diploma.


I have been working with Japanese students in the areas of and specializing in conversational English and academic writing. 


Perry will periodically update Instagram with new tongue twisters to help improve your pronunciation and fluency 


''I have passion for teaching, believing that all learners have unlimited potential. I am committed to offer the best learning experience to everyone''


UEA:University of East Anglia (England)- MA 


I have over 15 years of tutoring experience, specialized in Grammar and TOEIC/PTE



" I look forward to working with students and helping them achieve their goals"



University of Toronto - HBA

York University - MA; PhD [ABD] 


I’m a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary graduate program in Social and Political Thought at York University. My research interests include literary studies, cultural political economy, and textual sociology. I’ve tutored courses throughout the humanities and social sciences